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The Suburbs are for the DOGS…


Often, it’s kids who drive a city family’s move to the suburbs. It makes sense—a couple can comfortably live in the city but, once kids (and all of their stuff…) get introduced to a small apartment, all bets are off. Add another child or two, their stuff and, soon enough, kindergarten admissions, and it’s enough to send even the most devoted urbanites to suburbia.


But sometimes it’s not the kids—or at least not in the traditional sense. Because, more and more, city dwellers are heading to the suburbs to give someone else a different lifestyle: their dogs.


Read the full post, “Childless couples are moving to the suburbs — for their dogs” here


For the Suburban Jungle Strategy team, this has become the case more and more. In this article, The New York Post quotes recent Suburban Jungle clients Sarah Remington and David Ross. The then-Brooklyn based couple worked with our team to find the right suburb for their lifestyle—and, of course, for their five-year-old Scottish terrier, Titus.


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“Having a nice yard was an obvious essential,” the article explains. “They also sought out a home with large windows in the front for the dog to look out of—something he’d enjoyed in an apartment they’d lived in when he was a puppy—and stairs to keep Titus in shape. And, of course, they wanted to be near a park. Such considerations were taken alongside their desire for an older home with historical charm.” Ultimately, Sarah and David settled in West Orange, New Jersey. “[The move] was for the whole family,” Sarah explained to The Post. “[Titus] is an important part of our lives.”


Read the full post, “Childless couples are moving to the suburbs — for their dogs” here 


Recently, the trio moved into a Victorian, and add Titus is “settling into it and he’s protective of it as well. It’s his castle.”


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