All About the 'burbs: April 8-10, 2016​


It’s the weekend! Here’s what you need to know (and a few fun facts…) as you hit the ‘burbs this weekend:

  • Many experts are calling 2016 THE year to buy a home — here’s why.
  • How one local bank is incentivizing millennials — would this encourage you to buy?
  • This urban-to-suburban mom discovered that after you decide to make a move there are still lots more things to consider…



We’ve got locals in suburbs from coast to coast, and they’re constantly giving us the good on their local communities. So what are we hearing from suburbia? LOTS!

  • Westport’s latest eatery, The Cottage, scored RAVE reviews from The New York Times — yum! Get a reservation!
  •  In Port Washington, a classic children’s tale comes to this stage this weekend.
  • Do your kids like big trucks? If you’re in Downers Grove this weekend, THIS event is for you!
  • Family sleepover! This weekend the Yorba Linda Library is opening its doors for a night of activities, games, storytelling and PIZZA. Grab your sleeping bag!
  • Take a dip in Coral Gables’ unique Venetian Pool — our locals tell us it’ll be warm enough!
  • Check out local fave Josh and the Jamtones at this preschool fundraiser in Newton.

Enjoy the weekend!

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