All About the burbs: February 5-7, 2016​

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S FEBRUARY? We’re now well into 2016 and about to shake off another winter market — and, with it, there’s tons of activity from coast to coast.



  • What are buyers looking for? According to this report, they’re all about the walk-in closets and a host of smart features.
  • Rents are on the rise, but home affordability remains solidly in a buyer’s favor.
  • Mortgage lenders and underwriters focus on the whole borrower — but this consideration is the one most likely to keep them up at night…
  • Whether you’re moving from the city to the ‘burbs or packing it up and crossing the country, the journey to suburbia has some similarities for everyone


  • Long Island real estate is trending up, up and up
  • And good news for you Long Islanders and soon-to-be Long Islanders — by 2022 you’ll be able to commute into Grand Central, too!
  • Thinking CT? Mommy Poppins has 25 more reasons why that’s a great decision!
  • It’s snowing now, but this weekend’s actually looking pretty mild — a fun Westchester playground, anyone?


  • It’s time to head to the ‘burbs when…an average home is San Francisco averages just over 800 square feet — but costs at least $1 million
  • Is this Palo Alto’s new hotspot?
  • These are the trends Bay Area buyers can expect in 2016 and beyond — look familiar?
  • Not to be outdone, the ‘burbs have their fair share of amazing playgrounds


  • Ready for your suburban garden? These are the outdoor trends Chicago area homeowners are seeing more and more this year.
  • Even in the ‘burbs rents are rising
  • Welcome to Burr Ridge — and its 100 million-dollar homes for sale
  • Like the NYC area, the Chicago suburbs are slated for a milder weekend — get the family to a playground outside of city limits!

Enjoy the weekend!

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