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What to Consider if You’re Considering a Gated Community


Depending on what market you call “home,” you may find yourself with the option to move into a gated community. “While it certainly sounds fancy,” says, “gated living comes with both perks and a few headaches.”



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So what to know and what to consider if the gated life sounds appealing? For starters, think about your long-term wants and needs, and how that may -- or may not -- sync with a gated community. “If you want to make a particular aesthetic enhancement to your home,” says Suburban Jungle Founder & President Alison Bernstein, “perhaps a funky door or a solar-paneled roof—you might not receive the approval.” She cites homeowners associations in these communities with, often, trying to keep the peace by keeping properties and expectations in check. “If you're more of a rebel, you may need to rethink your home search,” the site explains.


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Read the full post, “What is a Gated Community? The Pros and Cons of Buying a Home Inside,” on



Now the big question: is a gated community right for you and your family? While there’s no right or wrong here, there is a lot to consider.’s article walks families through the pros and cons, so start here. From there, lean on your Suburbs Strategist to help understand the specific considerations from community to community and suburb to suburb. With this intel and insights, you’ll be able to make the right decision based on what works for you and your family.


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