Each family works with a Personal Strategist throughout their search to make certain they are asking the right questions and looking in the right places.
Getting to Know you
Fill out our quick questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
Getting to Know You EVEN MORE…
We will then have our Client Coordinator reach out to you to set up a time for you to speak with your personal strategist (phone, in-person, video chat, whatever you prefer).
Strategy Team
We then meet internally with our innovative Strategy Team to come up with your HOME SEARCH STRATEGY.
“We wanted to say thank you to the whole Suburban Jungle team in helping our family find not only our home but also our community. You were a great support in this process, which is so often hyper and unnecessarily stressful. We could call any time to get your perspective on a situation, talk through the financial numbers, or just whine and cry about how annoying and unfair the market sometimes is. We really felt like we had an advocate on our side whose encouragement, industry relationships and advice was invaluable in a real estate market where every move and minute count.”
-The Spectors
“We were so conflicted about whether to stay in the city or leave. You really helped us through this decision in a completely objective, no pressure way. It took us a while but we are so happy with our choice to move out. We are so happy with our daughter’s school and the people we’ve met in town. Thank you for helping us take the leap, without you we’d still be renting in the city and figuring out how to pay for private school!”
-Jen & Eric
Local Tours
Next up… what we call the “initial sniff test”… or the local tours with the local agents. We will set you up on local tours to head out with the agents to begin exploring the areas we have selected for you so that you can get a sense of the personality and culture of each town, the “intangibles” – and see some houses currently on the market. Your Strategist will be working with you throughout the process, getting your feedback and working with our strategy team on your home search.
Inside Scoop
Once we finalize the focus of your search, we will then loop in our Locals to go to work for you! They are here and on our payroll to help you uncover the true personality of the town. The good, the bad, and all in between! This is a key part to our unique home search process.
After each visit, your Strategist will work with you to tweak your strategy and continue on to find you the perfect town and home!
Our firm works exclusively with buyers, making certain that your interests are truly represented
from beginning to end…We take the real estate sales pressure out of your real estate search.

Q: Are all of the services that the Suburban Jungle offers FREE?
A: Yep. WE ARE FREE. SERIOUSLY. You will never ever get a bill from us.
Q: How and Why are they FREE?
A: We make money like any other real estate company. If and when you purchase a home, we make a buyer’s agent commission off of the seller of the home.
Q: Wait. Will I save $ if I represent myself?
A: NOPE. It’s that simple. If you actually don’t have a dedicated buyer’s agent, you will most likely lose money because you have no one representing your interests in the transaction. Statistics show that unrepresented buyers pay more for homes than those with buyer representation.
Q: How are you different than working with a typical real estate firm?
A: For starters we ONLY WORK WITH BUYERS. So no hidden agenda, no inventory we are trying to push. WE work FOR YOU.
We also are NOT Real Estate agents trying to sell you anything, ever. We are corporate strategists working for a lifestyle advisory firm whose entire job is to make certain that your best interests are represented – from the start of your search, before you step foot into a house, to post closing when you are trying to find the best paint color. Full Service. Full Disclosure.
Our philosophy is that it is easier to upgrade house than to upgrade town. We want you to be sure you love the town before you love your house.Our goal is to make certain you are looking in the right places and asking the right questions. Questions which you may not even have thought to have asked. Anyone can search for a house, but understanding the lifestyle differences that come with each town is an entirely different story and truly impossible to figure out just working with an agent.
Q: Is the Suburban Jungle a Real Estate Company?
A: NOPE. We are a truly innovative lifestyle advisory firm. We take the real estate out of your real estate search. In order for us to do what we do, we need to of course, be very well versed in real estate. Therefore we are a licensed real estate brokerage in the states of NY, NJ and CT. We are members of the Westchester County MLS, NJ MLS, Eastern Bergen Board of Realtors, Garden State MLS, Long Island MLS, Long Island Board of Realtors, Greenwich MLS, Greenwich Board of Realtors, Westchester County Board of Realtors and the CT MLS.
Q: Do you have your own real estate agents?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. We found that in order to provide truly objective advice and service, we need to separate ourselves. We have sifted through thousands of agents to find the best for our clients, but we need to be
able to, at times, pull you away from a deal or send you in a different direction and we wanted no conflicts of interest that would arise if we had agents selling you things on behalf of our company.
Q: Why was this business started?
A: It was launched because we felt the residential real estate market as it was, was very inefficient. Local agents wanted to sell you a house, and it never mattered if the town was right or not. It was a very disjointed process, inefficient and confusing, as well as overwhelming. Sometimes we would run into great agents, and other times we would have a terrible experience. Each agent thought their town was the BEST. Their homes were the BEST, but REALLY??
Q: How do we know, REALLY?
A: We also felt that no one was looking out JUST for the
BUYER. Agents SOLD houses, but there was not one
firm that was exclusively working with buyers and representing buyer’s best interest.
There are thousands of real estate agents out there trying to sell you something… anything… We exist to make certain that your interests are truly protected. The process of finding a home from NYC to the area suburbs was confusing and there was not one firm that focused on managing the process across all 3 states and 500 towns. We would run to a town, see a house, but had no perspective of how that house fit into the rest of our search, or how that house and location and town compared to the last one we had seen!