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Katie Cranis: Local 

Katie Cranis, originally from Kansas City, Missouri, has lived in California since 1999 and the Bay Area since 2001. After graduating with a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Katie spent her time in San Francisco working with children and families. After living in San francisco for a few years, she and her then finance, Chris, (now husband) were ready to move to the suburbs. Katie and Chris moved first to Sausalito- thinking it was still close to San Francisco. They loved having more space and a cute bungalow to call home. Katie, looking for a new work adventure, quickly found a job with a small boutique consulting company in Mill Valley. She is the Director of Business Operations at Julia Mallory Consulting. After Katie was married, the wedding gifts starting piling up in the corner and Chris and Katie knew it was time for more space. They moved to Corte Madera, just a few towns north but still in Marin County. With a yard and a 2 car garage they really loved their home and how convenient it is to everything. 8 years later Katie still lives in Corte Madera with her husband, 6 year-old son and Golden Retriever, Penny. Currently she works with Mark and Graham, a Williams-Sonoma company, as a trunk show ambassador. She leads the team and hosts trunk shows around Marin County. She is involved with the local elementary school, loves to play tennis, and enjoys hiking Ring Mountain. Katie enjoys taking frequent trips to Wine Country, is a member of Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, and sharing a meal with friends at her favorite restaurant, Picco.

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