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Everyone considering the ‘burbs checks out towns in the same few ways -- they drive through, they stop by open houses, they head to the park on nice days. But if you’re really considering taking the leap, it’s important to go beyond those basics and really suss out suburbia like a local. We shared some of our tips with Mommybites:


 “[B]efore you take the plunge, make sure you’re really getting below the surface and discovering who’s who and what’s what in a particular town. And that means going a little further than most city dwellers go when they’re exploring suburbia.”

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Some suggestions for really digging in? Head to schools, soccer fields and diners -- for starters.


“Who shows up at school pick ups and drop offs tells you a lot about a community. Is the scene completely dominated by SAHMs en route to SLT? Working moms sprinting to the train? Nannies hustling kids into the building while trying to keep unruly toddlers in check? Nineteen-year-old German au pairs making plans for post-drop off? Someone else, even?”

READ THE FULL ARTICLE, 3 Ways to Suss Out a Suburb (that you probably HAVEN’T thought of…) ON MOMMYBITES


That’s just the beginning -- check out the full post on Mommybites for more tips, tricks and must-tries!


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