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Rabecca Lang: Business Development- San Francisco


Rebecca worked for two multinational corporations in Human Resources for eight years before deciding to stay home with her young children and work as a freelance writer. Originally from New Jersey, Rebecca earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Penn State in Labor Relations and Human Resources and lived in the midwest for a few years before moving to San Francisco. Her first experience with Suburban Jungle was as a client when she and her husband considered trading in their urban life for the suburban. After an informative and insightful strategy session, they decided that San Francisco is the right place for them to raise their family, and they decided to stay put with full support from the Suburban Jungle team. This experience was so helpful to Rebecca that she jumped at the chance to join the team as a brand ambassador, helping to spread the word to families like hers who are weighing the pros and cons of moving out of the city and wondering exactly which suburb is the right fit for them.

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