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Samali Perera-Charvet 

Samali is a resident of Ashland, MA. She graduated from University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She and her husband moved from the Midwest to Boston area in 2008. She then graduated from Northeastern University with a Masters degree. She’s specialized in data analytics in Healthcare. She’s a mother to a 3 year old. She intially lived Belmont, MA and then moved to Ashland, MA. She loves living in the Metrowest area and cannot say enough pros about raising her child in Ashland, MA. Samali is a self-taught cake decorator and also a co-owner of Melange Event Planners. A small business based in Ashland that touts to create unique, but memorable experiences. She's very excited about the opportunity to share about her experiences living in the Metrowest area of Boston.

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Location: Ashland

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