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Alison Bernstein


Patti Natiss 

Head Strategist - NYC


Robin Hoberman

Strategist - NYC

Erika Ades

Strategist - NYC

Maya Konig

Strategist - NYC

Heather Jagher

Head Strategist - Chicago

Pam Goldman

Head Strategist - San Francisco

Barbara Hirsch

Head Strategist - Boston

Danielle Sly

Manager, Business Development - San Francisco

Randi Bergtraum

Manager, Business Development - NYC

Rebecca Lang

Manager, Business Development- San Francisco

Jana Stern

Manager, Business Development - Dallas

Melissa Gentile

Manager, Business Development - NYC

Jaime Hollander

Director of Social Media



Alison Bernstein is the founder of the The Suburban Jungle Realty, a real estate firm exclusively focused on buyers leaving the city for the suburbs. Recognizing how different neighboring towns can be from one another and how little families learn about a community during the home search, Alison launched Suburban Jungle, helping buyers navigate suburbia, and understand the ins and outs of towns before making their decision. She had personally experienced these challenges while undertaking her own suburban search, and strived to bring that unique expertise to Suburban Jungle families. Prior to this launch, Alison worked in the industry for more than 15 years, including senior-level roles in sales, leasing, investment banking and corporate strategic work spanning three of the nation’s leading real estate organizations. She has revolutionized the real estate industry by creating this new advisory pre-search component to the home buying process. When she’s not helping families in their suburban explorations, Alison enjoys traveling, skiing and tennis as well as spending time at home with her husband and four young children …and huge dog.

Stephanie Vandale 




Dauri Hammer 




Hannah Miller 




Stacey Leighton





Karen D'Valentine





Samali Perera-Charvet





Kristin Catalfano





Lauren Shugars





Erica Burdon



Lisa Harrington




Kate Anderson



Elyssa Kotzen





Emily Waldman

Suzanne Weinberg

Jenny Volanakis

Ali Siotkas

Mara Roberge

Ilana Perkins 




Allison Pally Sherwin

Allison O'Callahan

Jessica Maarek

Maura Loving

Arin Gornstein

Nicole Ball



Lauren Brickman



Amanda Doblin​

Allison Kearns​

Marita Kay-Chester

Suzanne Suss





Emily Lusardi


Melissa Coyle 




Julie Hanahan




Amy Gomez 




Missy Feldman





Moriah Tyrrell 




Meghan Brennan





Rachel Arnoldt



Chicago Locals:

Julie Landau

Sharon Tishco

New York Locals:

Rachel Gilles

Laura Baruch Sherman

Dova Weinberger​

Marisa Beck

Andrea Burfield

Anna Chan

Kristine Chang

Liana Choi

Gerri Bock

Shelley Daza

Cindy Asuncion

Roula Stam

Julia Fex

Linor Eylon

Katie Gudiksen

Leslie Gruettner

Kimberly Hawks

Shambhavi Jothi

Julie Hsu

Sage Herman Joy

Preeti Kumar

Kannika Lam

Andrea Minadakis

Michelle Schorr

Shanti Putnam

Shelly Smith

Jennifer Scheible

Amy Schoen

Catherine Wold

San Francisco Locals:

Michele Wolfberg

Director of National Business Development

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​Jocelyn Tollin

Melissa Mulroony

Lesley Friedman

​Felicia Cilibrasi

​Pamela Mohr Weinstein

​Ilana Dubovsky

Barrie Dnistrian​

Erica Ben Zvi





Audrey Petenbrink

Manager, Business Development - Los Angeles

Elizabeth Chyr

Manager, Business Development - Los Angeles

Kristina Taylor

Business Development

Kristina Taylor

Manager, Business Development - Chicago

Laura Fairweather



Jessica Clay





Debbie Chustek





Jennifer Diamond




Jodi Gresham

Director of Public Relations

Fallon Woodbury





Kelly Sedano

Head Strategist - Los Angeles

Maureen Collier




Erica Tuscano

Head Strategist - Dallas

Boston Locals:

Maxine Phaisalakani





Michelle Syracuse


Caroline Smith

Manager, Business Development - NYC

Alyssa Spiel

Director of Accounting

Sabine Klensch


Kate Skelly





Sarah Fogelman





Katharine Scalora

Ginger Bay-Anderson

Manager, Business Development - Dallas

Taryn Randall

Client Concierge

Marcie Capps




Missi Iannella




Deb Silver




Amy Weir




Mollie Fisher




Alison Rezabek




Debbi Maisel




Jen Staten




Laura Schwartz




Sarah Fraidin Roggie

Head Strategist - Washington, DC

Chris Yeung

Chief Technology Officer

Los Angeles Locals:

Jamie Magill​

Joanna Carnes​

Raluca Sanders

Dallas Local:

Naza Holliman

Susan Yung 

Sara Dashow


Cori Cohen

Manager, Business Development - Chicago


Annie Raykher

Manager, Business Development - Washington, DC

Katelyn Gleason

Holly Grossman


Britni Chehayeb

Allison Margolies

      Maureen Nauyokas

      Manager, Business Development - Boston

Yen Liaw​

Allison Frazier

 Strategist - Chicago

Eva Gaborjak​

Christy Gill​

Erica Tuscano​

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