THIS WEEK (& WEEKEND!): Millennial buyers, rate dips & plenty of playspaces…

Wow —is it just us or does it feel like winter came in hard and fast this week? Between the frigid temperatures from coast to coast to the snowstorms barreling down on the Chicago and NYC ‘burbs, winter is definitely here, and that can mean big shifts in the market.


  • The newest buyers to hit the market—millennials—want everyone (kids especially!) to have a space to decompress

  • Rates dipped ahead of the holiday weekend—but will they stay that way?

  • Concerned about your commute? Think again. We love our on-the-train (or on the bus, in the car, on the bike…) time. Here’s why!


Keeping the kids indoors this weekend? Check out these family-approved indoor playspaces—they’re popping up everywhere in the ‘burbs!


  • Once Upon a Treetop in Plainview, NY is a go-to for Long Island families. With daily free play and plenty of special events, there’s never a dull moment in the Treetop!

  • Think of San Ramon’s Modern Recess as a hip gym class meets on-trend cross-training center—but packed with loads of activities and gear perfect for kids of all ages.

  • In Naperville, Cafe N Play is a must—parents can grab a coffee and hop onto the center’s free Wifi, while kids play in the princess castle, pirate clubhouse and climbing tower.


Have a great weekend!






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