What’s Happening in SUBURBIA!​

At Suburban Jungle, February is always one of the most common months families start thinking about their suburban search. Think about it—it’s almost spring and spring market. By hitting the ground running now, families have time to find the right suburb and, in a few short weeks, the right house—all with enough time to get kids into new camps and new schools this summer and fall. What could be better?



  • Does a town change you? Or do we tend to search for suburbs that sync with our lifestyle? It’s an interesting idea—and a big reason we advocate a town-first approach. READ MORE

  •  Why you should be focused on the town first (as is right now)—we talk town-first with Mommybites!

  •  Getting to know a town goes way beyond the basics—we’ve rounded up three expert tips for scoping out suburbs like a total pro.

  • The most affordable cities for renters? Everywhere but here—and that means spring could be huge for city families looking to make a move. CHECK OUT THE LIST

  • What first time buyers need to know before they enter the market—hint: it’s about more than just securing the financing…Ready to get started? CLICK HERE to check out our interactive online questionnaire, and to kick off your suburbs search right!





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