“We wanted to tell you about our excellent experience with Suburban Jungle. In December of 2015, we learned that we would be moving from the DC metro area to the suburban NY area. We knew that we wanted to move into the suburbs, but, were completely lost as to how to begin our search and which community might be best for us. By sheer luck, we found an article about Suburban Jungle on the internet and immediately contacted you. We were extremely fortunate to have Patti Natiss as our assigned strategist. During our first phone call with Patti, we knew we had struck gold! She was very nice, a great listener and did a wonderful job of educating us about the suburban NY area. Patti gave us suggestions on where, based on what we told her, she thought we might be the happiest. It was obvious to us that Patti knew the communities of suburban NY area like the back of her hand. She also helped us realize that finding the right community was important as we were initially thinking of just looking for the best house at the best price. Patti suggested that we explore the Rivertowns, Larchmont, Pelham, and Greenwich. We did look in all of those places and liked them all. However, Patti’s first suggestion during our initial phone call was the Rivertowns. Although we did a lot of searching, we were were lucky to find a fabulous home in Dobbs Ferry. After living here for about 1 month now, we can say that Patti’s instinct about us and where we would feel “at home” was exactly right. Through our search, we had many ups and downs and also wondered if we needed to explore NJ when, at first, we didn’t find the right home in any of the aforementioned towns. Patti was there to support and guide us the whole way. We called her many times throughout the process and she was kind, supportive and informative every time. Patti always made time to speak with us regardless of the day or time; and, when we were down, she was there to pick us up. She never lost faith that we would find the right home in the right place, even though we sometimes did. We feel extremely lucky to have found Suburban Jungle and Patti. Patti took what was an unmanageable and overwhelming search process and made it manageable and straightforward. Patti’s support was invaluable. We’ve decided that should we ever have to move again, we are not going anywhere without Patti on our team. :-) Thank you so much for creating Suburban Jungle!”


– Smita and Anil​

“It made a great difference to work with Suburban Jungle!Your excellent and open advice about the suburbs was the foundation to everything else. It was also very helpful that you’re from the midwest and “you get” what we’re looking for, not just in terms of good schools, but the type of community. In reality we could’ve lived in any of the places you recommended, they were all a great fit, it really came down to the house (looks, features, price, condition) and its location within the city. We just happened to find the best house in Glen Rock. Also, even with the locations done, we wouldn’t have known where to start in getting realtors. All of this saved an incredible amount of time. Plus, when we decided we wanted a new agent for Westchester, that also happened very quickly and we were super happy with the replacement. This service was exactly what we needed, and it’s the ideal for anyone in the situation we were in: moving to NY metro with little knowledge about the area and doing things remotely. Thanks so much, I’ll let you know how it goes!”



“Deepest thanks for helping us with our neighborhood research! What an amazing few days of having all the info we needed handed to us on a platter. A great use of our time and resources. Much much obliged!!”


-Eve & Anthony

“Hi everyone, just wanted to quickly write and thank you all for all your help over the last 4 years. My family and I are moving to San Jose in one week to be closer to my job. I’ve really enjoyed the community here and have met a lot of good friends. Also, just wanted to mention that we had a lot of help from Suburban Jungle when we were trying to decide if San Jose was right for us. They found us a realtor who helped us buy a house and who will be selling our house in Fremont for us. So if any of you need relocation services, check out suburbanjunglerealty.com. Thanks again for all your support and friendship both for me and my children. :)"


-Ronit Mazzoni

“Given my husband is relocating from the UK with work, he was offered corporate assistance. We had one call with the company and they didn’t even compare to SJ in terms of knowledge and willingness to help. We turned down this benefit as we didn’t see it as a value add to us.”



“Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure working with you. We appreciate the patience you showed us through our search and your help in finding us the right town to settle into. We are very excited to be moving next weekend and looking forward to planting roots here!” 


-Renee and Greg

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for creating such a thoughtful experience for home buyers. Since the moment we began our journey with Suburban Jungle, I never felt alone. From the initial phone conversation to match us with the right towns, to the check-in emails and calls along the way, you were always on top of where we were in the process and what we might need. The agents you connected us with were amazing – all smart, honest, compassionate women who cared about me and my family’s happiness. They became not just our agents, but our advisors and confidantes as well. I truly appreciate your unique approach to home buying – making it a fun, enriching experience. I will absolutely recommend your services to my friends who will hopefully be following in our footsteps to suburban living. Thank you.”


-Sabrina Clark

“We wanted to write and say thank you to you and the whole Suburban Jungle team in helping our family find not only our home but also our community and our peace of mind. You were a great support in this process, which is so often hyper and unnecessarily stressful. We could call any time to get your prospective on a situation, talk through the financial numbers, or just whine and cry about how annoying and unfair the market sometimes is. And believe us sometimes whining and crying is just as important in this situation as making the right bid :) In all seriousness, our family couldn’t be more grateful for your services. We really felt like we had an advocate on our side whose encouragement, industry relationships and advice was invaluable in a real estate market where every move and minute count. Any and every family will be lucky to work with you.”


- The Spectors


Hear what some clients have to say about their experience with us!

“We are settling into the house and the neighbourhood we are renting in is just packed with kids!!! I am thrilled- not to mention town is gorgeous and soooooo many newcomers activities! The realtor you set us up with took me out with two other ladies and I have met a nice lady who lives one door down already! This is better than the year total i had previously and it has only been a few weeks! I am reserving judgement until school starts for the kids but so far I am thrilled!! You are a god send and I really mean it. We never would have done this if it weren’t for you. I was so petrified and honestly I just feel much better here. I can’t even explain why. My husband seems ok with the commute so far and we are going to give it another month or so and then get back in track for looking for a place to buy so we don’t get stuck like this year. Just wanted to give you an update- fingers crossed it continues!”


- Jennifer

“We could not be more thrilled to have learned about your unique firm and concept in real estate. You truly helped us find and settle into a town we did not even know existed! We have you to thank for helping us through our search and providing the objective advice on where to look and the right questions to be asking throughout the process. We LOVE it here, thank you!!!”


- Robin and Justin

“We were lost before we four you guys!! We were looking EVERYWHERE, with no direction and no idea about the true personalities of the towns. Thank you for all of your incredible help- from start to finish guiding us in what would have been a terrifying and very stressful process. We would have never ended up where we did without you!!”


- Jessica and Adam

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the VERY extensive conversation today. We are trying to soak in the tri-state area in which can lead to some funny and of the wall ideas, but it feels quite nice to know that you guys are available to give us such patient and professional advice/opinions about all of our ‘theories’ :).”


- Eugenia

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